South African men inherently do not speak out about their pains and personal struggles. Resultantly five times more men commit suicide than women. The Man Vitality Conversations is coined to address this struggle. We host conversations and dialogues that help more men to gain courage to speak up of the painful experiences in order to get help.

Conversations are conducted through webinars, seminars, workplace seminars, customized events and conferences. Our panelists consist of subject experts which include psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and story tellers. We collaborate and continue to call out for psychologists, social workers, counseling services and therapists to volunteer for pro bono work for our clients.

Our Conversations When men gather to listen to a man that has gone through a storm of pain and tells that story unashamedly, they begin to identify with him as they connect with their own silent cries. As they relate, men learn to let the guard down and are more sensitized to the idea of speaking out. This method is known and used in rehabilitation institutions like Alcohol Anonymous (AA) centers. It is method of psychotherapy called group therapy. By using an influential story teller among hundreds of people in a venue or hybrid setting, we leveraged the method for an exponential coverage.

The conversations are conducted through webinars, seminars, customized events, gatherings, objective braais and conference settings. The ultimate goal for these conversations is to create courage in more men to speak up.