The Man's Vitality Conversations develop men who are more bolder, more stronger and more vulnerable to speak up.

As a result of those men we filter a class of men from society that is less angry, leading to less gender inflicted violence to women, and less prone to suicide, alcoholism and drug abuse as coping mechanisms.

In our webinars and seminar conversations ordinary men as well as respected men in society tell their story of a time when they were at their weakest, but due to opening up, their vulnerability earned them a position of empowerment by either receiving therapy or another form of support to relieve them of their distress or a mental health difficulty.

Many men due to stigma can knowingly or unknowingly become a danger to themselves and to the vulnerable populations around them. Many men need help. Many men are dying and increasingly many women and children around them need safety.

Do you know a man who needs a safe space? Does your corporate space need an intervention?